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Grow into Your True Self: 

Science-based personal growth

Ipseity - The quality of being oneself or itself; the essential element of identity.
Personalized Growth 
Embedded in Daily Life
Enabled digitally

I'm here to truly hear you. By carefully understanding your personality and honoring your values, I'll tailor my approach to fit your unique needs.    

My practical approach ensures your personal growth becomes a habitual part of your everyday life.    

We'll uncover valuable insights for your growth and empower you with cutting-edge digital tools, all designed to benefit you.    

Discover what we can achieve together!

Language is not a barrier anymore    

I fluently speak English, German, and French, and with today's advanced technology, we can transcend any language barriers that might come our way    

Why am I doing this?    

As a researcher at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, I'm delving into the power of chatbots for personal growth. I'm committed to using this knowledge and my creativity to fuel your ambitions. Let's explore this exciting field together!    

What qualifies me?    

With 14 years of professional experience and academic achievements in Cognitive Science, Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship, I'm well equipped for the journey. But what truly drives me is my passion for understanding others, solving problems, and having engaging exchanges.    

What is my approach?    

I focus on you, understanding your unique personality and values to tailor a strategy that fits your needs. Leveraging wisdom from renowned scientists and cutting-edge digital tools, I ensure your personal development is integrated into your daily life. Join me, and let's unlock your true potential together.    

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